Deeside Youth Musical Theatre

Deeside Youth Musical Theatre (also known as DYMT) is a group of young people aged 10-17 who put on musical productions in Aboyne theatre for the locals.  Putting on these performances is a lot of hard work and time.  In the end all of the time and effort that goes into pays off as the shows are brilliant as we have asked people who watched the performance what they thought about the performance.

We interviewed one of the members in our year.

“On average it takes 8 months to learn a whole performance, and we are very excited to be putting on our next performance called ‘The Show Must Go On.’ It is a variety show of all of our past performances. My favourite performance so far has been ‘back to the 80’s. It’s really good that we all get on. If we didn’t it wouldn’t be as easy to put on these performances. We are all basically like one big family.”

dymt1 dymt2

(Photos from DYMT. Used with permission)